Are you Getting The Best Value Out Of Your Accountant?

Are you Getting The Best Value Out Of Your Accountant?

April 10, 2017


Changing your Accountant is Easier than you think. We do all the work!

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Yes we know your accountant can file your company tax returns and your annual accounts in a timely and efficient manner – that’s the least you expect.
But what else should you be looking for when choosing a new accounting firm?

8 ways to assess if you are you getting the best value from your accountant:

1) Have they provided you with a breakdown of their charges and services. Have you compared this to other accountancy firms. Do they provide value for money?
2) Do they have a genuine interest in your business, ideally someone who understands the type of business you are in and your sector.
3) Are they qualified? Are they backed by a professional accounting body?
4) Do they meet your expectations and are they willing to provide you with the level of service you require e.g. response time to queries, access to senior accountants.
5) How often do you expect to hear from them?
6) Will they proactively advise you and help you solve business issues that crop up?
7) Do they advise you on how to keep your records internally, so that you are providing them with the information they need, ultimately saving time on both sides?
8) Can they offer you sound business advice? Do they have the expertise to act as a business advisor, using the information they generate through tax returns and managing accounts, to actively help drive your business forward?

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