Client Case Study – Gorilla Glue Europe Ltd

Client Case Study – Gorilla Glue Europe Ltd

January 4, 2024
Client Story


Originating from a formula first used on teak in Indonesia, news about an adhesive with incredible strength spread fast and two decades later, demand for Gorilla Glue products continues to accelerate. With the help of UHY member firms across Europe the business’s new ambitions are flourishing.

“We had always planned to expand into Europe from the UK, but Brexit brought challenges that none of us were equipped to deal with,” says Richard Allen, head of European Accounting, Gorilla Glue Europe Ltd. “This was unfamiliar territory for all British businesses in our situation and we needed specific help to facilitate our growth, firstly into the Netherlands and later into Germany. I had worked with UHY in previous companies, so for me it was the only network I wanted to support us. I was sure from the outset that UHY had all the resources to steer us through this critical period.”

“From the beginning I have been impressed by the effortless way member firms communicate. There is never any need to repeat instructions and I have absolute confidence that everything necessary is always being done to get us where we need to be.”

Staying Close

As each new member firm was instructed by Richard, Michelle Dale, VAT director, UHY Hacker Young, Manchester, UK, coordinated communications between Niall Donnelly, head of corporate tax, UHY Farrelly Dawe White Ltd., Dundalk, Ireland; Martin Kuijpers, VAT specialist, Govers Accountants/ Consultants, Eindhoven, Netherlands and his colleague, Lomme Van Dam, international business tax advisor, also from Govers Accountants/Consultants. “Together, these people from different parts of the world in the UHY network, used their collective expertise to help us become legal entities and deal with rigorous compliance issues in the Netherlands and Germany. They got us established quickly and continue to help us to build up the entity structure. On top of this, their detailed advice and day-to-day support with matters such as VAT returns and payroll are second to none,” says Richard.

Gorilla Glue Europe Ltd. Case Study

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