Making Construction Companies More Efficient

Making Construction Companies More Efficient

October 16, 2018

How can the rise of cloud accounting help construction company managers/directors? Enabling construction company managers to work more efficiently is being helped by the rise of new technologies like cloud computing. In plenty of industries, especially those where employees spend a lot of time working out of office, many businesses are using technologies that make their business operations less dependent on working hours in the office.

It comes as no surprise, considering that the right software can help cloud computing cover every aspect of a company’s day-to-day activities. One such solution is cloud accounting, which has many benefits for company directors that spend the majority of their working hours outside the office.

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24/7 Access Anywhere

The main reason why cloud accounting is more convenient than on-site accounting is its non-stop accessibility. With on-site accounting, data is usually stored on one or two office computers. Outside of the office space, it’s inaccessible, which can be challenging to work around for construction company managers who don’t spend a lot of hours in the office. In any industry where out of office work hours are required, on-site accounting might become a problem at some point.

With cloud accounting, businesses don’t encounter these difficulties. All the accounting data is accessible on the cloud 24/7 and from any location. You need to only log in with your password, and work from anywhere as long as you have internet access.


Working Remotely

When you can do accounting in the cloud, it reduces the working hours needed in the office. Cloud computing enables managers to work remotely, yet still, see accounting information being updated in real-time.  It’s flexible and easy to scale with, since it doesn’t require you to purchase new licenses and pay increased fees whenever your business grows.

The ability to work remotely can be invaluable in industries such as construction, where critical information needs to be available 24-7.


Data Security

One of the benefits of cloud services is that your data is safe and secure. Leave worries about the security of your financial data behind, as the cloud accounting provider will have it managed. Although there are usually concerns about working remotely for companies that allow that, a cloud system takes care of security on their end. Automatic backups protect data from being lost to computer crashes, and regular updates ensure all users are working with the latest technology.

The best part about cloud accounting is that this way, no data remains on the computers — it’s all in the cloud. Your financial data will always be safely encrypted and backed up.


Adaptable to Different Industries

It’s not only the construction sector that could make use of cloud accounting. The technology is flexible to industries and job roles that can benefit from having the ability to manage finances while out of the office. Additionally, any business that seeks to increase the efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy of the accounting process can make good use of a cloud system. You’ll also be cutting staff costs, as well as doing away with all the downsides of using traditional accounting software.


Cloud accounting is business and technological innovation at its finest, making everyday business operations more efficient. Here at UHY FDW, we’re proud of our focus on innovation and our very own UHY FDW Cloud Accounting solution. Learn more about the service we offer and avail of a one-hour free consultation with our cloud accounting team.