The Competitive Dynamics of Female Business Leaders

The Competitive Dynamics of Female Business Leaders

February 14, 2018

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Leaving the emotionally fuelled debates that surround the topic of gender inequality in business behind, there are many reasons as to why the utilisation of females in leadership roles is advantageous for firms.

There is a positive correlation between female leadership and firm performance. That is not to say that simply appointing a female as the CEO of a company will garner success. There should be a more organic stream of female leaders throughout the business; not just at the very top of the hierarchy.

Let’s now look at a couple of key benefits that female managers, directors and leaders bring to business:

Conducted surveys have enabled comparisons between male and female business leaders. Female business leaders perform better in a variety of different management competency areas. The findings speak volumes nonetheless.

Females in leadership roles:
• Perform better at developing employees
• They are better at developing relationships and working collaboratively with employees, customers and stakeholders
• The female business leaders are more ethical, honest and have more integrity than males in similar positions
• They embrace change and are better able to adapt to changes. ‘They Champion Change’.
Problem-solving is an area that they appeared more competent in.

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