InterTradeIreland – Brexit Funding Updates

InterTradeIreland – Brexit Funding Updates

March 22, 2019

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Cross-border traders can now avail of two vouchers from InterTradeIreland.

The first voucher – ‘Planning Voucher’ – provides 100% financial support up to £2,000 / €2,250 (inclusive of VAT) towards professional advice to help businesses to identify Brexit exposure and to plan. This includes issues such as customs requirements and supply chain exposure, VAT and financial implications, as well as understanding complex tariff codes.

The second voucher – the new ‘Brexit Implementation Voucher’ – provides financial support up to £5,000 / €5,625 (inclusive of VAT), with InterTradeIreland paying 50%. This will allow businesses to implement critical changes making them better prepared to deal with a new trading relationship.

UHY FDW are Brexit Service Providers

InterTradeIreland launched the Brexit Advisory Service to assist SMEs to navigate the uncertainties caused by Brexit and to become better equipped to manage the potential impact it may have on their business by providing free, impartial, independent and up-to-date Brexit-related information to any business located in Northern Ireland or Ireland.

The Brexit Advisory service currently offers information and support in a variety of ways including their start to plan vouchers.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from the Start to Plan Vouchers.

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