Ireland’s Employable Workforce

Ireland’s Employable Workforce

July 9, 2018

In the top five best countries to do business” – Forbes Magazine 2014

Just one of the many attractive aspects of establishing a company in Ireland is the employable workforce.

Irish people have a strong work ethic and this is reflected in the rate of employee turnover that tends to be well below the European average.

Ireland produces a high level of quality graduates given the educational system is among the best in the world. Furthermore, setting up in Ireland allows companies to avail of workforce talent across Europe due to the EU open labour market.

The Irish government recognises the importance of inward investment as a provider of high-quality employment and has invested substantial resources to identify potential skill shortages and provide an education and training system designed to meet the requirements of businesses.

There are strong links between industry and educational establishments, particularly in emerging high technology sectors.

Generally, European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and Swiss nationals are allowed work in any European country without a work permit or visa.

A non-EEA national wishing to start up a business in Ireland, or an employer wishing to employ non-EEA nationals in Ireland, may require visas and permits.

For employees coming to work in Ireland there are several tax reliefs and incentives. These tax reliefs include ‘Entrepreneurs Relief’, ‘Key Employee Engagement Program’, tax relief on certain relocation expenses and more.


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