NIFX – 7 Reasons Why Sterling Is Undervalued

NIFX – 7 Reasons Why Sterling Is Undervalued

November 10, 2017

NIFX – 7 Reasons Why Sterling Is Undervalued

NIFX is a specialist foreign exchange provider built on decades experience, innovative technology, and a dedication to providing a highly-professional and effective service to Northern Ireland businesses. With NIFX you get a transparent solution to currency transfers. You have access not just to Euro and US Dollars but to over 100 currencies. You are aligned with state of the art foreign exchange management software which can be integrated into your own system or used on a standalone basis. Whether it’s live dealable online spot rates or the old-style telephone medium – either way NIFX deliver first-class spot and forward rates with an extremely efficient settlement.
Stephen O’Hare: “This brochure is a straightforward synopsis of where the foreign exchange markets are trading currently and likely to trade – notwithstanding the ebb and flow of Brexit negotiations. However, as a Corporate Treasurer I understand that forecasts are not the panacea to managing currency risk; they can only assist a currency strategy and policy.”
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