Tax Deadlines 2017

Tax Deadlines 2017

October 17, 2017

Self-Assessed Tax Deadline 2017

After Budget 2018 last week you are may be wondering how the changes will affect you come January 1st 2018. Read our Budget Highlights here to find out.

In the meantime there is a more pressing matter to be addressed – filing your 2016 tax returns.

The self-assessed tax deadline is looming, so if you haven’t already addressed it, it is time to do so.

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The deadline for paper returns – for both Form 11 and Form 12 – is October 31st.

If you choose to pay and file online you have until November 14th.

By 31 October in a tax year, you must:

  • pay your preliminary tax for that year
  • file your tax return and self-assessment for the previous tax year
  • pay any balance of tax due for the previous year

When you pay and file through the Revenue Online Service (ROS), the 31 October deadline is extended to mid-November. The due dates for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) are different to those for Income Tax (IT).

You will have to pay a surcharge if you send your tax return after the deadline, as follows:

  • within two months of the filing date: 5% of your tax due, up to €12,695
  • over two months: 10% of your tax, up to €63,485.

Note that even if you pay and file on time for Income Tax, a 5% surcharge may apply if your Local Property Tax (LPT) obligations are not met.

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