The M1 corridor Driving Irelands Economic future

The M1 corridor Driving Irelands Economic future

February 18, 2021

Investment ready region

The m1 corridor in Ireland is at the Centre of economic activity in Ireland,  and is driving its future. Adjacent to the only EU/ UK
land border, and the only English speaking EU country. A unique urban-centric region with unrivalled access to talent, connectivity and infrastructure. It is Supported by long term government commitment under Project Ireland 2040 to drive future growth potential.

The M1 corridor is the most densely populated region in Ireland outside of Dublin with 2.25 million residents it is within 1 hour of Dundalk and Drogheda and the area takes up over one third of the whole islands population, another important reason it is driving Irelands future is that 66% of the people who live in this area are aged between 20-44, for an area that only takes up 10% of all the land in Ireland it has 34% of the population. The area also has a great wealth of work ready talent, 216,000 have apprenticeship and trade qualifications, 48% of the Republic of Ireland total. Also 40% (406,000) of all third level graduates live in the region, greater than the number of graduates living in Cork, Waterford, Galway and Limerick combined (302,000).Many of the young people in the area continue to look towards third level education as there way into employment, A student population of 87,000, and 58% of all university enrolments in 12 RoI Higher Education Institution as well as Access to research centers and facilities at DkIT.

The connectivity of the area is another massive factor for its driving seat in the economy it is a  30/60 min drive from both Dublin and Belfast, 30/60min to Dublin city center & IFSC by train and is within driving distance of 3 International Airports, the infrastructure of the area is also extremely important Co. Louth has Irelands fastest broadband connectivity with 86% of the region having high speed fibre enabled broadband. The area is also more attractive than Dublin as office space comes at a quarter of the price that it does in Dublin.

With all of these factors coming in to play the area is thriving in many sectors, whether it be – International
Financial Services, Digital Technologies, Life Sciences, or Energy & Environment, it seems the m1 corridor will be a big player in the country’s economy for many years to come.

To find out more information on this go to file://ukfd-fsclstr-02/HomeDrives$/2142.90/Documents/Investment%20Ready%20Region.pdf