UHY Elects Alan Farrelly to the Board of Directors of UHY International

UHY Elects Alan Farrelly to the Board of Directors of UHY International

November 7, 2018

Alan’s appointment to the UHY board of directors reflects his longstanding experience in the auditing & accounting profession and follows on from his previous role as president of CPA Ireland.

UHY Board of Directors


UHY, the international accounting and consultancy network, has appointed the Managing Director of Irish member firm UHY Farrelly Dawe White Ltd., Alan Farrelly, to the board of directors of UHY.


Alan began his career when he started Farrelly Dawe White in 1989 after being active in the industry since 1981.  As well as being a well-respected accountant, auditor and business advisor, Alan also has extensive experience in corporate finance, insolvency, mergers & acquisitions and transactional services.


He was the chairman of the UHY Membership Training Working Group for three years and has represented the brand at numerous conferences.


During his more than 37 years’ experience in the industry, Alan has been president of CPA Ireland, chairman of the Leinster Society CPA Ireland and the Joint Accountancy Conference Ireland. He still sits on the disciplinary committee of CPA Ireland.


Alan comments: “It’s a great honour that fellow members of UHY International have elected me to this position.”


One of Alan’s key priorities during his time as a board director is to maintain the position of UHY as one of the global leaders of the accountancy world.


“I believe in representing all members by being open and approachable. I understand that the Accountancy profession is in the ‘grip of change’ and so I will strive to keep UHY at the forefront of the profession.”


Technological revolutions like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics are at the core of innovative new accounting practices. UHY knows the potential these technologies have for the profession, especially in terms of efficiency.



Alan comments: “The ever-changing accounting environment is now being driven by AI, cloud accounting and data analytics. This represents a huge opportunity for the accounting profession but will require an element of upskilling. These changes will ultimately lead to an advisory based profession that will drive better management information for client businesses.”


New UHY president, Rick David: “With a more globalised and connected world than ever, the industry has to ‘think local, go global.’ The UHY network is a key vehicle to help us build relationships with clients and serve them by tapping into that wider bank of expertise across the world.”


A ten-member board of directors develops, implements and supervises UHY’s strategic activities and governs daily management activities at a global scale.


Alan joins the board of directors consisting of individuals from the US, Mexico, Spain, UK, Argentina, Australia and China.  Alan takes the place of Muriel Nouchy from UHY GVA in Paris.


“After getting a vote of confidence from UHY members to become a board director, I’m looking forward to the challenge of maintaining and developing high-level brand performance globally.”