COVID-19 Update Publication

COVID-19 Update Publication

April 1, 2020

COVID-19 Update Publication

Over the past three weeks, we have been inundated with queries relating to all aspects of a businesses’ operation and finances including payroll, VAT, corporation tax, banking facilities, mortgage and loan payments, regulatory filings and other general audit and accounting matters. Indeed business owners are often asking us about some potential aspects and raising queries faster than the relevant authorities and other governing bodies are addressing them and indeed before guidance and regulations are even issued.

We are all experiencing changes like never before, whether that be dealing with the Revenue authorities, Companies Registration Office, Social Welfare and Social Protection Offices, software and payroll providers, banks and financial institutions. As you are aware no two clients’ businesses are the same and indeed no two clients’ requirements are the same.

View our comprehensive publication which we hope will provide you with most of the tools to help keep running your business in either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. We have referenced many websites where you can access additional information and at the same time we remain available at your disposal should you wish to discuss any of the contents with our team.

Download the COVID-19 Update

We know all businesses are now facing new challenges and we hope this newsletter will assist you in making the correct decision in these difficult economic times. UHY FDW remain committed to serving our clients and as your trusted advisor, our team will remain available to you as we continue to work away from the office with full access to all client services as before through our dedicated IT platform.

We look forward to your feedback and any questions or queries you may have over the coming days or weeks and look forward to assisting and supporting you and your business through these challenging times and to continuing to work with you over the months and years ahead.

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