UHY Global Issue 12

UHY Global Issue 12

February 9, 2022
Expert insight and analysis for world business

The 12th edition of UHY Global magazine is now available to read online. UHY Global draws on the knowledge of UHY’s network of member firms to provide insight and expertise for today’s global business community in a thought-provoking, upbeat and engaging read.

Topically wide ranging, each feature demonstrates the breadth of expertise of UHY colleagues across the world. Our culture of collaborating across borders means we can offer you joined-up international support in over 100 countries.

UHY Global magazine highlights this wide-ranging and diverse experience, exploring the issues and challenges of international business, themes that you may well be grappling with in today’s uncertain world.

For example, the lead feature this time looks at Africa’s new free trade initiative that aims to lower tariffs, increase intra-continental business and take millions out of poverty. UHY experts from African member firms give readers their view on the opportunities and challenges ‘on the ground’ for both domestic and international business.

Other features focus on how the pandemic has sparked a surge in entrepreneurship and startups, the rise of cybercrime and what to do to protect your business, and how ESG (environmental, social, governance) is impacting businesses, investors and stakeholders.

There are client stories from Switzerland and the US, a look at the trends in global mobility, and a UHY members directory, so you can find your nearest UHY office across more than 100 countries.

Issue 12 also includes:

  • More client stories
  • Member firm directory
  • Service feature: Cybersecurity
  • Listing of UHY services

UHY Global online also gives you hyperlink access to source reports, additional narrative and direct contact details of UHY contributors – so if you want to find out more about any of our topics, UHY Global online makes it easy. If you prefer an offline read, the print version is downloadable as a PDF.

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