UHY Global Issue 2

UHY Global Issue 2

June 30, 2016

UHY Global, a bi-annual magazine, gives you insight into international business topics, featuring thought-leading opinions and experiences from global contributors including UHY member firms, leaders of UHY service and industry groups and external sources. A true representation of what the UHY network is about.

Our second issue covers the following topics:

  • Think city, think local: Global megatrends are reshaping where people live and work and where businesses want to be based.  So, when it comes to property, should we be thinking city not country? And how do we know where’s hot and where’s not?
  • Powerhouse potential: Bold, ambitious and alive with opportunity – the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community could transform the economies of ASEAN countries. As the new economic powerhouse takes shape, UHY Global looks at the prospects for businesses in and beyond the region.
  • Rising to the oil challenge: The collapse of oil prices by 75% in just 18 turbulent months has sent macro and micro-economic shockwaves through the global oil and gas industry.  Times are undoubtedly tough, but from adversity can come opportunity. UHY Global asked member firms of UHY’s worldwide energy sector group where to look for better news.

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