UHY Global Real Estate Guide 2024

UHY Global Real Estate Guide 2024

June 20, 2024

In a globalising world, many investors, both corporate and private, are looking for opportunities internationally. While real estate is one of many investment options, the venture is unique in that it cannot be physically moved as most other assets can. Consequently, investors must conform to the rules and regulations of the country where the property is situated.

Like other major investments, proper planning is needed to avoid any pitfalls that may lie along the way and to minimise tax exposure.

The purpose of this Guide is to identify regulations (for example, the deduction of expenses and interest) and tax rates (for example, *VAT, wealth tax and inheritance tax) found in various countries that may affect property investments.

The contents have been carefully compiled by UHY experts in over 50 countries included in this Guide but are intended for general guidance only. Since legislation changes, you should refer to the appropriate UHY source or professional advisor for the most up-to-date details, or for more specific information.

We hope you find the UHY Global Real Estate Guide a valuable tool and introduction. Our team look forward to helping you with your real estate ambitions.

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UHY Real Estate Guide 2024