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Ireland’s agri-food sector is considered as the most important indigenous industry and has seen considerable growth and expansion recently. The implications of Brexit for the sector could be detrimental. Additional tariffs on exports to and from the UK could seriously damage trade. Fortunately, we have a suite of services that are tailored to these clients because of how they differ in terms of their needs and in terms of the nature of their business operations. Our company takes a unique director-led approach to manage the business relationship between the firm and the client. We offer a free confidential consultation to any agriculture, forestry or fishing business client, whether it is in our own office locations or the clients’.

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Ireland rank 1st in food security performance in the Economist Impact global food security index.  

Irish agri-food and drink exports increased to approximately €13 bn in 2019  

Ireland was the largest net exporter of Beef in the Northern Hemisphere.

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