We work with developers, builders, builder providers and investors in the construction sector.

Whether you are facing challenges in getting access to finance, dealing with ever-changing tax regulations or the current cost of construction, we can assist you through these challenges.

Being able to capitalise on the positive changes in the sector is an area UHY FDW can assist you with. With increasing levels of FDI in the sector and a high demand for property supply, our firm has the ability to navigate your business through this period of growth in the industry.

Our experienced team are well informed of market conditions at both a national and global level, and we are eager to share that knowledge with you to help you meet your strategic goals.

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Industry Data

In recent State of Construction Tech report, in 2020 the construction industry adopted more technology in one year than what would have normally taken three

The industry is expected to grow by 16.2% in 2022, assuming no further disruption of COVID-19 

In the 2021-2030 National Development Plan, government aim to deliver an average of 6,000 affordable homes each year.  

Industry News

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