Form P35 2016 – End of Year Employer Tax declaration

Form P35 2016 – End of Year Employer Tax declaration

February 8, 2017


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Each registered employer in Ireland is obliged by law to account each year for the PAYE, PRSI, USC and LPT deducted from his or her employees. An annual form is used for this purpose which is commonly known as a Form P35.

A Form P35 can be filed electronically to the Revenue Commissioners through the Revenue Online Service (ROS) or manually on paper if you are not a mandatory e-filer.

The deadline for submitting Form P35 is the 15th February following the year ending 31st December. Failure to file Form P35 by this date will result in fines. This deadline is further extended to the 23rd February for ROS only customers who file and pay online.

Forms and details enclosed on P35 return:

  1. Form P35 – this is a summary of gross pay, PAYE, PRSI, USC and LPT together with details of Taxable benefits and Pensions etc.
  2. Form P35L – this is a detailed listing of each employee (with PPS number) total pay for the year together with address, start and leave dates (within the tax year), insurable weeks etc.
  3. Form P35/T – as above for employees (without PPS number).
  4. P35/LF – (Paper only) and covers BIK and pension details.

All paid persons in your employment during the tax year must be included on the P35 including family members and directors. Only one record per PPS number should be present. If you have an employee who worked first part of year, left and started later in the same year you must aggregate their details.

A form P60 must be prepared and given to all employees still in employment on or after 31st December. This is a statement of earnings which an employee will need if requesting a P21 balancing statement or applying for a mortgage etc.

Sample p60

Key items to be aware of when completing P35:

  • Ensure you payroll information is up to date and accurate (Address, DOB etc).
  • Check your P30 payments throughout the year to ensure you have paid enough.
  • Ensure you mark that a week 53 applies (if applicable).
  • Ensure you mark who is a director (if applicable).
  • Ensure you hold a valid tax credit certificate (P2C) for all employees and that it is in operation.
  • Ensure your BIK items are correct (make any end of year adjustments).
  • Ensure you have completed the Medical Insurance fields correctly (see operational manual for how to record “Premium Eligible for Tax Relief paid by the Employer”)
  • Ensure you have recorded Illness Benefit paid to an employee.
  • Ensure you don’t record Maternity or Paternity payments on P35 as this is reflected real time by an amended P2C reducing cut-off point and tax credits.


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