Is It Time To Change Your Accountant?

Is It Time To Change Your Accountant?

April 5, 2017


Changing your Accountant is Easier than you think. We do all the work!

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Is It Time To Change Your Accountant? Questions to ask:


  • Is your accountant easily accessible to you?
  • Do you have to wait more than a day for a response or are your calls/emails returned the same day?
  • Are your accountants available to meet as often as required?



  • Are you fully confident in your accountant? Can they deal with any issue you have in an informed/expert manner?
  • Are they knowledgeable about new regulations and up to date on all business areas?
  • After asking for advice, do you feel that the information you get, not that helpful in resolving the issue you have?


Customer Service

  • Do you feel sometimes that the advice is more beneficial to your accountants needs than in solving your issue?
  • Do you feel sometimes that you are left more confused after asking for advice, than before, or are your accountants very clear and precise in communicating the answer in a way you can understand?
  • Do you feel like you are an important client to your accountant/business advisor?


Approach: Proactive/Reliable

  • Do you feel your accountant is on your side rather than the side of the revenue or other 3rd party when issues crop up?
  • Is the advice you get proactive and strategic for your business or is it just answering the specific questions you ask?
  • Is your accountant passionate about your business too?
  • Would you classify your accountant as your business advisor or just an accountant?
  • Is your accountant creative, innovative and willing to weigh the risks and rewards of decisions that may or may not result in a tax liability, minimising your tax liabilities and giving recommendations but at the same time making you fully aware of your risks?
  • If an issue arises based on a recommendation by your accountant, is your accountant always well-versed in the position you’ve taken and ready to provide a solid rationale, ready to stand by you?
    (If not, they are not a partner, but a tax return service).


Value for money

  • Do you feel like you are getting a really good service for the fees you are paying?


Your accountant should be on your side. If not, it is time to change!

Find out how easy it really is to change accountants and how much it will positively impact your business. The move to UHY FDW is easy and pain free. We will help you along that journey.

Book a no obligation appointment now with UHY FDW. UHY FDW are your business and tax advisors, not just your accountants!

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