December 22, 2016

From 1 January 2017 the National Minimum Wage will increase to €9.25 per hour.

The changes in National Minimum Wage are represented in the table below.


[table id=13 /]

For the purposes of the Act, the following payments are regarded as wages:

  • normal basic pay, as well as any overtime
  • shift allowances or other similar payments
  • any fee, bonus or commission
  • any holiday, sick or maternity pay
  • any other return or payment for work (whether made under the contract of employment or otherwise),
  • any sum payable to an employee in lieu of notice of termination of employment.

The following payments are not regarded as wages:

  • any payment of expenses incurred by the employee in carrying out his/her employment
  • any payment by way of a pension, allowance or gratuity in connection with the death, retirement or resignation of the employee or as compensation for loss of office
  • any payment referable to the employee’s redundancy
  • any payment to the employee otherwise than in his/her capacity as an employee
  • any payment in kind or benefit in kind.

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