Yes Network

UHY FDW are committed to supporting young people in business whether that is our employees, clients or businesspeople under the age of 35.

The aim of UHY FDW YES is to connect with young people in business both regionally and nationally.

The goals of our network are to:

Provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet like-minded individuals

Develop & improve members networking and communication skills

Provide an opportunity for members to gain business relationships

Provide a platform for referrals of business amongst members

Provide members with access to all business sectors

Provide young entrepreneurs with confidence and encouragement to strive for success

Who should join?

  • Individuals aged 18 – 35
  • Individuals working in any industry looking to develop their skills and experience
  • Individuals involved in start ups
  • Individuals involved in established businesses
  • Individuals who aspire to start a business

We are encouraging all members to be actively involved in the group by engaging in these conversations, networking with fellow members and inviting others to the society.

To learn about UHY FDW YES you contact us using any of the means displayed here and say YES to become a part of our network